Interactive Sound Design, Sensor, Bare-conductive

This exhibition with interactive sound design was created as a part of Balance Exhibition in June, 2016 at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and Bargehouse in London. The work is a showcase of composition, Tsukumogami, and the sound of each character in the original animation of is activated by a touch sensor through the conductive paint with objects and mounted board. The work was expanded and performed in the Japanese Animation Festival in Cardiff in September 2016. 

Composition for Image


Live Performance, Pre-recorded acousmatic sound design, Animation

Tsukumogami is the piece for nine instruments with pre-recorded samples, which follows the story of the Japanese paint scroll, Tsukuogami-emaki.

Based on the scroll’s concept, animated household objects, all of the music material were created throughout the analysis of recorded sounds of 6 objects; Umbrella, Rosary, Dish, Book, Broom and Kettle.

Music begins with the expression of the first scene, midnight meeting of the objects which were thrown away. Followed by the story of Tsukumogami-emaki. Throughout several movements, the music changes and develops depending on the objects’ forms.

Instrument with manipulation

Colour Splurge

Piano, Live Performance, Electronic Manipulation

Colour Splurge is for solo piano with manipulated sound by Audio Mulch. The performer will use the MIDI pedal to trigger the manipulated sound while they are playing the notated score. I composed this piece to explore the range of piano sounds and find the way to blend the non-natural sounds which comes from the music technology side. As the title implies, the music depicts multiple layered sounds set intentionally and the development of these mixed textures alternates between live and generated sounds. 

Acoustic Piece


Clarinet, Viola, Cello, Live Performance, 

Fortitude was written for clarinet, viola and cello in January 2015 for Sinfonia Newydd & Artes Mundi 6 project, an international visual arts exhibition organised by the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. In this project, I was paired with a piece of visual art called GenXX by Sanja Iveković. This piece was a collection of six big black and white posters of professional models, but with the words of the charges and the execution dates of young female antifascist militants in Croatia during World War II.